Medical abortion is referred to as abortion pills and it is also known as non-surgical abortion. Many women opt for medical abortion because of its effectiveness and easy procedures.

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Generic RU486 is a trusted pill for abortion. It has been medically approved and in the last two decades, millions of women did abortion with Generic RU486 abortion pills. It contains the vital ingredient Mifepristone which performs a primary role in the process of medication abortion.

This pill is also known as an anti-progesterone pill and is usually prescribed with Misoprostol for termination of pregnancy in the first trimester less than 8 weeks old. Generic RU486 successfully removes the pregnancy without the involvement of surgical procedure. Women can buy Generic RU486 online from our website with fast delivery.

How do Generic RU486 pills work?

Generic RU486 is known for its antiprogesterone property, it restricts the flow of progesterone in the uterus. The Mifepristone attaches itself and the receptors for the progesterone hormone and blocks the supply.

The progesterone hormone which is essential for the growth of pregnancy reaches the fetus through the placenta and supports the growth of the fetus. When the receptors for the hormone are blocked by Mifepristone, the fetus stops growing due to lack of nutrients and oxygen and it gets detached from the placenta and thus pregnancy is aborted.

The Misoprostol is also bought when women buy Generic RU486 online as it is usually prescribed in combination to widen the cervix and remove the contents from the womb.

Who can opt for abortion with Generic RU486 pills?

Women who have uterine pregnancy with gestation lesser than 56 days can opt for medication abortion.

It is important to go through an ultrasound test to find out the location of the fetus. Sometimes the fetus grows into the fallopian tube which is called tubal pregnancy or ectopic pregnancy.

For the abortion pills to be effective, the fetus has to be growing inside the uterus that is also referred to as uterine pregnancy.

Ultrasound pregnancy tests also help to find out the exact duration of gestation because if it is longer than 8 weeks you might need a different dose or abortion pills might not be the right option for you.

How to prepare for abortion with Generic RU486?

The preparation for the process of abortion pill termination of pregnancy is simple. You just need to prepare some small things to ensure your comfort and the smoothness of the process.

  • First of all, get your medicines as you can also buy Generic RU486 online.
  • You also need to check that you have access to the emergency room in the vicinity to where you decide to perform the procedure so you can get help if something goes wrong.
  • Stock up some sanitary pads as the use of menstrual cups or tampons can lead to infection during this process.
  • You can buy some over the counter pain relievers to deal with the cramping which will happen during the process.

What can be the dose and how to take it?

Usually, 200 mg Generic RU486 pill is prescribed with the 4 pills of Misoprostol 200 mcg each, for the termination of pregnancy less than 8 weeks. It has recorded to be 98% effective in these abortions.

The Generic RU486 pill has to be engulfed as a whole with a glass of water. Keep in mind not to crush or chew on the pills as it might reduce their effectiveness.

Misoprostol pills can be placed in the buccal cavity or the vagina undisturbed for about 30 minutes for it to get dissolved. The Misoprostol pills are to be taken after 24-48 hours of Generic RU486 intake.

How to know that abortion with Generic RU486 is successful?

When the stomach cramps and vaginal bleeding starts it is an indication that the abortion process is moving forward as expected. The dead tissues of pregnancy and fetus can be observed passing through the bleeding; these can be difficult to observe very early in pregnancy.

You must visit a clinic after 15 days or more from the abortion to confirm that it has been successful.

What to expect after taking abortion pills?

When you buy Generic RU486 online and take the doses as instructed by the physician.

  • Within a few hours of taking your second medication of Misoprostol, you will experience severe cramping and heavy bleeding.
  • Many women experience cramping during the menstrual cycle but these cramps are usually more painful. The uterine wall is thickened during the pregnancy so there will be more bleeding as compared to the normal menstrual cycle.
  • The heavy bleeding goes on for 6-8 hours and then reduces in intensity and continues for a couple of weeks.
  • The pain experienced is rated differently by the women as every person has different health and endurance.
  • Minor side effects like headache, diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting, fever and body pain are expected in some cases and can be treated with medication.
  • If there are clots bigger than the size of a lemon, difficulty in breathing, fainting or the bleeding does not start within 24 hours of the second medication you should ask the doctor for help.
  • Women can use a Heating pad or hot water bottle to relieve the pain they experience due to cramping and can also intake some pain-relieving pills to deal with.

What are the precautions to be taken during and after abortion?

  • Take as much rest as you can during the abortion process it is advised to take a day off from all your responsibilities on the day you take your second medication as you are supposed to experience severe cramping and a lot of bleeding.
  • Remove intrauterine devices with the help of a medical practitioner as the presence of intrauterine devices can increase pelvic pain.
  • Avoid sexual intercourse for at least two weeks or until you get your next menstrual cycle.
  • If you are indulging in sexual activity you should use protection if you don't want to get pregnant soon again, as an abortion pill does not affect your fertility.
  • Eat a healthy and nutritious diet for faster recovery and avoid physical activities which involve heavy exercises.
  • Avoid travelling, it is also advised to stop smoking, drinking alcohol or intake any harmful drugs.

How to buy Generic RU486 online?

Women can buy Generic RU486 online from our pharmacy. You will get genuine medication at a reasonable price and multiple shipping options.